Show #3: "Legendary Albums Ep.1" -10/22/11

(...Doedskvad- Taake)


1. I

2. II

3. III

4. IV

5. V

6. VI

7. VII


 (Pure Holocaust- Immortal)


8. Unsilent Storms In The Abyss

9. A Sign For The Norse Hordes To Ride

10. The Sun o Longer Rises

11. Frozen By Icewinds

12 Storming Through Red Clouds And Holocaust Winds

13. Eternal Years To The Path To Cemetary Gates

14. As The Eternity Opens

15. Pure Holocaust


 (In The Nightside Eclipse- Emperor)


16. Into The Infinity Of Thoughts

17. The Burning Shadows Of Silence

18. Cosmic Keys To My Creations And Times

19. Beyond The Great Vast Forest

20. Towards The Pantheon

21. The Majesty Of The Night Sky

22. I Am The Black Wizards

23. Inno A Satana