Metal Mayhem: Show #10- "Top 20 Metal Albums of 2011"- 1/14/12

Honorable Mention Albums (song title played in parenthesis)


1. Brutal Truth- End Time (Killing Planet Earth)

2. Lifelover- Sjukdom (Svart Galla)

3. Glorior Belli- The Great Southern Darkness (Bring Down The Cosmic Scheme)

4. Hate Eternal- Phoenix Amongst The Ashes (The Eternal Ruler)

5. Haemorrhage- Hospital Carnage (Amputation Protocol)

6. Redemption- This Mortal Coil (Stronger Than Death)

7. Necros Christos- Doom Of The Occult (Doom Of Kali Maa- Pyramid of Shakti Love- Flame Of Master Shiva)

8. Dream Theater- A Dramatic Turn Of Events (Build Me Up, Break Me Down)

9. Black Dahlia Murder- Ritual (Moonlight Equilibrium)

10. Arch Enemy- Khaos Legions (Yesterday Is Dead And Gone)

11. Iced Earth- Dystopia (Dark City)

13. In Flames- Sounds Of A New Dawn Fading (New Dawn)

14. Autopsy- Macabre Eternal (Seeds Of The Doomed)


Top 20 Metal Albums of 2011


20. Morbid Angel- Illud Divinum Insanus (Blades For Baal)

19. Charred Walls Of The Damned- Cold Winds On Timeless Days (Zerospan)

18. Opeth- Heritage (Slither)

17. Wolves In The Throne Room- Celestial Lineage (Astral Blood)

16. Krallice- Diotoma (The Clearing)

15. Exhumed- All Guts, No Glory (As Hammer To Anvil)

14. Warbringer- Worlds Torn Asunder (Living Weapon)

13. Dim Mak- Emergence Of Reptilian Altars (Secrets Of The Tides Of Blood)

12. Taake- Noregs Vaapen (Myr)

11. Vader- Welcome To The Morbid Reich (Don't Rip The Beast's Heart Out)

10. Yob- Atma (Adrift In The Ocean)

9. Detrimentum- Inhuman Disgrace (Effigies Of Silent Kings)

8. Saxon- Call To Arms (When Doomsday Comes)

7. Burzum- Fallen (Jeg Faller)

6. Absu- Abzu (A Song For Ea)

5. Mastodon- The Hunter (Stargasm)

4. Neuraxis- Asylon (Purify)

3. Wolverine- Communication Lost (DOUBLE SHOT: 1) What Remains, 2) Communication Lost)

2. Origin- Entity- (Evolution Of Extinction)

1. Arch/Matheos- Sympathetic Resonance (Neurologically Wired)


Bands Coming Out With Albums In 2012 (songs in parenthesis, but not from upcoming albums)


Cannibal Corpse (Carnivorous Swarm)

Black Sabbath (Dirty Women)

Soilwork (Sweet Demise)