Metal Mayhem: Show #9- 1/7/12

Ben's Show, 8-11 pm


Tribute Intro to David Gold (Woods of Ypres)

1) Woods of Ypres- The Will To Give

2) Cradle Of Filth- Funeral In Carpathia

3) Sepultura- Desperate Cry

4) At The Gates- The Beautiful Wound

5) Deliverance- A Product Of Society

6) Electric Wizard- Wizard In Black

7) Nasum- Fury

8) Converge- Dark Horse

9) Dimmu Borgir- Kings Of Carnival Creation

10) Slayer- War Ensemble

11) Manowar- Hail and Kill

12) Dissection- Night's Blood

13) Suffocation- Liege of Inveracity

14) Metal Church- Anthem To The Estranged

***Metal Mayhem Double Shot***

15) Iron Maiden- Die With Your Boots On

16) Iron Maiden- The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

17) Agalloch- The Watcher's Monolith

18) Helloween- Are You Metal?

19) Megadeth- Tornado Of Souls

20) Kataklysm- For All Our Sins

21) Novembre- Old Lighthouse Tale

22) Overkill- Blown Away

23) Opeth- Nectar

24) Dark Tranquility- White Noise, Black Silence