Metal Mayhem Ep. 20: "Legendary Albums Ep. 5" (Aka Fustercluck)- 3/24/12

Ben’s Half (8pm-midnight):

1. Krisiun- Contradictions Of Decay

2. Annihilator- Crystal Ann/Alison Hell

3. Darkthrone- Transilvanian Hunger

4. Katatonia- Strained

5. Bleeding Through- Entrenched (New)

6. Cannibal Corpse- Followed Home Then Killed (New)

7. Woods Of Ypres- Traveling Alone (New)

8. Bolt Thrower- No Guts, No Glory

9. Sacred Reich- Who’s To Blame?

10. Amorphis- Magic And Mayhem

11. Pig Destroyer- Trojan Whore

12. Necrophagist- Mutilate The Stillborn

13. The Dillinger Escape Plan- Sugar Coated Sour

14. Rhapsody Of Fire- Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds

15. Symphony X- The Edge Of Forever

16. Mastodon- Sleeping Giant

17. Brodequin- Infested With Worms

18. Eyehategod- Revelation/Revolution

19. Killswitch Engage- Just Barely Breathing

20. Meshuggah- Do Not Look Down (New)

21. Profanatica- Jehovah Fading (New)

22. Morbid Angel- Within Thy Enemy

23. Unearth- Failure

24. Dead For Days- Screams Gone Unheard

25. Yob- Ether

26. Heaven Shall Burn- Voice Of The Voiceless

27. Shadows Fall- Picture Perfect

Sawyer’s Half (10pm-midnight):

“Legendary Album Special” Ep. 5

1. Helloween- Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt. 1

2. Virgin Black- Elegant… And Dying