Metal Mayhem Summer Sessions Ep. 1: 5/16/12

1. Dark Funeral- Stigmata

2. S.O.D.- Speak English Or Die

3. Bloodbath- Devouring The Feeble

4. Akercocke- He Is Risen

5. Sons Of Vikings- Blind Love

6. Into Eternity- Splintered Visions

7. Anaal Nathrakh- Between Shit And Piss We Are Born

8. Evile- Descent Into Madness

9. Amon Amarth- Pursuit Of Vikings

10. Opeth- Grand Conjuration

11. S.I.Q.- Slightly Out Of Breath

12. S.I.Q.- Riddle Of You

13. S.I.Q.- Stasis

14. Marduk- Into Second Death (New)

15. Dark Moor- Beyond The Fire

16. Razor- United By Hatred

17. Unleashed- Into Glory Ride

18. Ghost- Ritual

19. Rotting Obscene- Metamorphic Transcendence

20. Human Infection- Vile Disposal

21. Bloodsoaked- Infestation

22. Morose Vitality- Inverted

23. Eluveitie- The Somber Lay

24. Death Angel- Buried Alive

25. Demoncy- Black Vengeance Of The Ancient Horde


26. Satanic Warmaster- Black Destiny

27. Satanic Warmaster- Warmaster Returns

28. Cannibal Corpse- Strangulation Chair

29. Crimson Glory- Angel Of War

30. Averse Sefira- The Way We've Always Been

31. Kalmah- They Will Return

32. Visceral Disgourge- Colostomy Bag Asphyxiation

33. Tristania- Heritique

34. Agathodaimon- The Ending Of Our Yesterday

35. Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Flamingo Snuff

36. Saint Vitus- Blessed Night (New)

37. Cirith Gorgor- Shadows Over Isengard

38. Vital Remains- Devoured Elysium

39. Sonata Arctica- White Pearl Black Oceans

40. Blasphemer- 38 Gauge Absolution

41. Marilyn Manson- Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day

42. Moonsorrow- Jumalten Kaupunki/Tuhatvuotinen Perintö

43. Circle Of Dead Children- Refuse To Kill The Same Way Twice

44. W.A.S.P.- Tormentor

45. Gallhammer- Speed Of Blood

46. Helloween- Keeper Of The Seven Keys

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