Metal Mayhem Ep. 4- “Legendary Album Special #1”- 9/22/12

1. Sear Bliss- My Journey To The Stars

2. Keep Of Kalessin- The Wealth Of Darkness

3. Dim Mak- Kutulu

4. Genghis Tron- Things Don’t Look Good

5. Metallica- Welcome Home (Sanitarium)


6. Nasum- Fury

7. Nasum- The Deepest Hate

8. Suffocation- The Invoking

9. Zyklon- Subtle Manipulation

10. Origin- Staring From The Abyss

11. Slayer- Sex. Murder. Art.

***Legendary Album #1: Limbonic Art- Moon In The Scorpio***

12. Light This City- The Unwelcome Savior

13. Marduk- Nightwing

14. Blind Guardian- Somewhere Far Beyond

15. Graveland- To Die In Glory

16, Primordial- No Grave Deep Enough

17. Liturgy- The Bishops Gathering

18. King Diamond- Help

19. Between The Buried And Me- Swim To The Moon

***Legendary Album #2: Lord Belial- Enter The Moonlight Gate***