Metal Mayhem #17- 3/2/13

1. Dio- Killing The Dragon

2. Graveworm- A Dreaming Beauty

3. Lantlos- You Feel Like Memories

4. Voodoo Circle- Devil's Daughter

5. Dark Tranquility- Surface The Infinite



6. Katatonia- My Twin

7. Katatonia- Buildings


8. Septicflesh- Marble Smiling Face

9. Manowar- Master Of The Wind

10. Belphegor- Possessed Burning Eyes (By request)

11. Labyrinth- The Shooting Star

12. Opeth- The Grand Conjuration

13. Savatage- Castles Burning

14. Van Halen- When It's Love

15. Necrophagist- Intestinal Incubation

16. Fates Warning- Shelter Me

17. Enslaved- Death In The Eyes Of Dawn

18. Believer- Wisdom's Call

19. Darkthrone- Valkyrie (NEW)

20. Skinless- Battle Perpetual Will

21. Lost Horizon- Denial Of Fate

22. Krieg- Deviant



23. Napalm Death- Idiosyncratic

24. Napalm Death- The Chains That Bind Us


25. Dim Mak- Great Warm Of Hell

26. Death Angel- Sonic Beatdown

27. Seventh Wonder- Break The Silence



28. Kamelot- My Confession

29. Kamelot- Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)


30. Cryptic Wintermoon- 21 Guns (Intro)

31. Cryptic Wintermoon- The Pride Of Australia

32. Brain Drill- The Depths Of Darkness



33. Metallica- Broken, Beat, & Scarred

34. Metallica- Hate Train



35. Megadeth- Ashes In Your Mouth

36. Megadeth- The Killing Road

37. Megadeth- Tornado Of Souls


38. Demoncy- The Black Vengeance Of The Ancient Horde

39. Human Rejection- Desecration

40. Agruss- Punishment For All



41. In Flames- December Flower

42. In Flames- Behind Space '99


43. Malignancy- Creatures Of Conformity

44. The Faceless- Emancipate

45. Hour Of Penance- The Cannibal Goods



46. Soilwork- As We Speak

47. Soilwork- Let This River Flow


48. Morifade- Rising Higher

49. Helloween- Falling Higher