Metal Mayhem Ep. 20- 4/13/13

1. Drawn And Quartered- Return Of The Black Death
2. Dreamtale- Angel Eyes
3. Dokken- In My Dreams
4. Daemonicium- The Jester
5. Broken Hope- Siamese Screams
6. Burst- Mercy Liberation
7. Testament- Musical Death
8. Testament- Return To Serenity
9. Paul Stanley- Tonight You Belong To Me
10. Sabaton- Panzer Batallion
11. Adorned Brood- In Battle
12. Conception- Parallel Minds
13. Incantation- Invoked Infinity
14. Mouth Of The Architect- No One Wished To Settle Here
15. Iced Earth- Burning Times (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
16. Acid Bath- Bleed Me An Ocean
17. Judas Priest- Cathedral Spires
18. Charcaroth- My Father Was A Wolf
19. D.R.I.- Hooked
20. Mastodon- The Sparrow
21. Defleshed- Walking The Moons Of Mars
22. Abscess- Scratching At The Coffin
23. Type O Negative- Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)
24. Def Leppard- Comin' Under Fire
25. Kayo Dot- A Pitcher Of Summer
26. Carnal Forge- Too Much Hell Ain't Enough For Me
27. Severed Savior- Inverted and Inserted
28. Cough- A Year In Suffering
29. Annihilator- Wicked Mystic
30. Dark Empire- The Alchemist
31. Empyrium- Ode To Melancholy
32. Arch Enemy- Sinister Manifesto
33. Dimension Zero- Through The Virgin Sky
34. Fleshgrind- A Legion Of Illusions
35. Redemption- Sapphire
36. Masterplan- Heroes
37. Twisted Sister- Under The Blade
38. Eikenskaden- The Nymphs Will Pray For My Soul
39. Cinderella- Long Cold Winter
40. Ketzer- To Each Saint His Candle
41. The Berzerker- As The World Waits
42. Dragonlord- Blood Voyeur
43. Danzig- Let It Be Captured