Metal Mayhem Ep. 23: "Metal Mayhem Comes Alive II: The Season Finale"- 5/4/13

1. Edguy- Babylon
2. Mastodon- Oblivion
3. Sodom- M-16
4. Metallica- Fade To Black (Tribute to Jeff Hanneman)
5. Slayer- Spirit In Black
6. Anthrax- A.I.R.
7. Megadeth- Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
8. Nasum- Relics
9. Dream Theater- Trial Of Tears
10. Voivod- Ripping Headaches
11. Helloween- How Many Tears
12. Helloween- Eagle Fly Free
13. Incantation- Shadows From The Ancient Empire
14. Neuraxis- Shatter The Wisdom
15. In Flames- Artifacts Of The Black Rain
16. Testament- Apocalyptic City
17. Evergrey- For Every Tear That Falls
18. Opeth- Demon Of The Fall
19. Opeth- Hope Leaves
20. Judas Priest- The Green Manalishi
21. Emperor- I Am The Black Wizards
22. Emperor- Inno A Satana
23. Dark Tranquillity- Punish My Heaven
24. Dark Tranquillity- My Negation
25. Motorhead- Dr. Rock
26. Iron Maiden- The Trooper
27. Marduk- Sulpher Souls
28. Behemoth- Decade Of Therion
29. Candlemass- Solitude
30. Between The Buried And Me- White Walls
31. Kreator- Reconquering The Throne
32. Machine Head- This Is The End
33. Death- Suicide Machine
34. Obituary- Dying
35. Deicide- Children Of The Underworld
36. Queensryche- Breaking The Silence
37. My Dying Bride- A Cruel Taste Of Winter
38. Wolves In The Throne Room- Vastness & Sorrow
39. Agalloch- Falling Snow
40. Blind Guardian- Valhalla
41. Scorpions- Dynamite

Thanks for listening! We'll be back in the Fall! KEEP IT METAL!!!