Metal Mayhem Ep. 6- "Legendary Album Special #1": 10/19/13

1. Suffocation- Eminent Wrath

2. Dimmu Borgir- Dimmu Borgir

3. Guns 'n' Roses- Night Train

4. My Dying Bride- Bring Me Victory

5. Testament- More Than Meets The Eye

6. Legendary Album #1: Abigor- Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)

7. Pain Of Salvation- A Trace Of Blood

8. Bathory- Ring Of Gold

9. Metallica- Hell And Back

10. Paradise Lost- Missing (Everything But The Girl)

11. Neurosis- Times Of Grace

12. Slayer- SS-3

13. Akercocke- Intractable

14. Arch Enemy- Dead Inside

15. Legendary Album #2: Deicide- Deicide

16. Freedom Call- The Eyes Of The World

17. Leviathan- Her Circle Is The Noose

18. Septic Flesh- On The Topmost Step Of The Earth

19. Boris- Ano Onna No Onyon

20. The Gathering- Meltdown

21. Blood Tsunami- Castle Of Skulls

22. Psycroptic- Become The CUlt

23. Agalloch- Falling Snow

24. Legendary Album #3: Blind Guardian- Somewhere Far Beyond

25. Converge- Reap What You Sow

26. Immolation- World Agony

27. Dio- Don't Talk To Strangers