Metal Mayhem Ep. 14- 1/18/14: "Best Metal Albums of 2013"

Honorable Mentions:


1. Omnium Gatherum- Beyond- The Sonic Sign

2. Artillery- Legions- God Feather

3. Pestilence- Obsideo- Obsideo

4. Tyr- Valkyrja- The Lay Of Love

5. Children Of Bodom- Halo Of Blood- Damaged Beyond Repair

6. Hecate Enthroned- Virulent Rapture- Unchained

7. Immolation- Kingdom Of Conspiracy- A Spectacle Of Lies

8. Paradise Lost- Tragic Illusion 25- Gothic 2013

9. Throne Of Katarsis- The Three Transcendental Keys- The First Transcendental Key

10. Catuvolcus- Voyageurs de l'Aube- Voyageurs Pts. I & II

11. Hacride- Back To Where You've Never Been- Overcome

12. Deliverance- Hear What I Say!- Liber 111/The Annals Of Subterfuge

13. October Tide- Tunnel Of No Light- Of Wounds To Come

14. Saprogenic- Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs- Navigating The Human Eye


Best Albums Of 2013:


20. Helloween- Straight Out Of Hell- Years

19. Logic Of Denial- Atonement- Behold The Throne Of Torture

18. Falkenbach- Asa- Wulfarweijd

17. Tristania- Darkest White- Number

16. Dream Theater- Dream Theater- Illumination Theory

15. Suffocation- Pinnacle Of Bedlam- Inversion

14. Crystallion- Killer- Far Cry

13. Svart- Det Personlinga Helvetets Spiral- Genom Forgangelsans Dimmor

12. Fleshgod Apocalypse- Labyrinth- Warpledge

11. Darkane- The Sinister Supremacy- Insurrection Is Imminent

10. Summoning- Old Morning's Dawn- The White Tower

9. Watain- The Wild Hunt- They Rode On

8. Dark Tranquillity- Construct- The Silence In Between

7. Darkthrone- The Underground Resistance- Valkyrie

6. Katatonia- Dethroned & Uncrowned- The Parting

    Katatonia- Dethroned & Uncrowned- Lethean

5. Guttural Secrete- Nourishing The Spoil- Deadened Prior To Coitus

    Guttural Secrete- Nourishing The Spoil- Voyeuristic Engagement

4. Death Angel- The Dream Calls For Blood- Execution/Don't Save Me

3. Rotting Christ- Kata Ton Aimona Eaytoy- Gilgames

2. Necrotic Disgorgement- Documentaries Of Dementia- Anal Trauma

1. Gris- A l'Ame Enflammee, l'Amme Constellee- Une Epitaphe de Suie

    Gris- A l'Ame Enflammee, l'Amme Constellee- Nadir


2014 Preview:


1. Iced Earth- If I Could See You (NEW)

2. Dark Funeral- The Black-Winged Horde

3. Mastodon- The Czar

4. Behemoth- Blackest Ov The Black

5. Ulver- Mother Of Mercy